Our HOA Board

Our community is managed by a Master HOA Board, the Cottage Homes Sub-association, the Townhomes Sub-association, several committees and a property management company, CAS, Inc. The contact information for each of these is listed below. The legal name of the community is Cornerstone Park Community Association, Inc.  
Master Association

The Master Association is the main association over all homeowners in Cornerstone Park. Dues are paid annually to this association at the end of each year.
Megan Miller - President

Joe Ward - Vice President; Assistant Treasurer

Laurin Norwood - Treasurer

Terry Sakiewicz - Secretary

Open - Member at Large

For Cornerstone Park and Single Family Homes concerns or request, please contact:
Michael Dees, CMCA, AMS

CAS, Inc.
207 West Millbrook Road, Suite 110

Raleigh, NC 27609
Phone: 919-788-9911 ext. 1401 ; Fax: 919-788-9735


Cottage Homes Association
The Cottage Home Association is an association for all homeowners of the Single-Family Attached Residences. Association members pay dues monthly, which go toward grounds maintenance and administration of the association.
President -
Cathi Bickmore

Vice President - Roberta Sweeney
Secretary- Andrea Botelho
Treasurer - Barbara O'Neil

For all Cottage Homes concerns or request, please contact:
Danielle Flippo - Association Manager

Towne Properties

Phone: 984-220-8705


Townhome Association
The Townhome Association is an association for all townhome owners. Association members pay dues monthly.
President - Randy Wogick
Vice President - Terry Sakiewicz

Treasurer - Jennifer Currin

Secretary - Megan Miller

Member at Large -Heather Jensen

For all Townhome concerns or request, please contact:
Laura Duncan, CMCA
Community Manager
11010 Raven Ridge Road, Raleigh, NC 27614
Phone: 919-848-4911 ext. 113;  Fax: 919-870-7241
lduncan@ppmral.com; www.ppmral.com

Committee Chairs
The various committees listed here represent all of Cornerstone Park. 

Committees are appointed by the Master Board.

If you are interested in volunteering for any committee, please contact our  Community Manager, Michael Dees. michaeald@casnc.com

Architectural Review Evaluation Committee - Heidi O'Conner (Chair), Barbara O'Neil, Amber Boger, Anne Locke, and Angela Robbins.

Grounds & Maintenance - Open


Parking Committee-Paul Mariduena (Chair), Rama Darbha, Todd Angle, Stephanie Poole, and Paul Baumann (liaison to the Master Board)

Website - Scott Chappell:  scott.j.chappell@gmail.com

Communications - Open

Neighborhood Watch - Open

Clubhouse Chair - Open

Social Chair - Open

Pool Chair -Open

CAS, Inc.
CAS, Inc. is the management company for our community. They handle all matters relating to the property management of Cornerstone Park, including its sub-associations. Often they are a good place to start if you have a particular problem that you need to have addressed with your property

Michael Dees CMCA, AMS - Property Manager

CAS, Inc. 919-788-9911 ext. 1401